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Alright I guess

The stories are cool and the concept Is fine it's just the fact that you have to pay for images videos and sound clips, this alone wouldn't be a problem if it didn't constantly bombard you with these images videos and clips just to remind you how much you're missing out on unless you pay it takes me out of the story. Like if you wanna add these things in and have people pay for it that's fine, but if I don't wanna pay for it can you not present the option every two minutes just to have me look at a selection screen for what payment option I wanna use. Other than that and the fact that you are limited to a few parts of the story before hitting a cool-down period stopping you from continuing on to the next part this app is alright.


This is the best❤️

I love it

I like it because it gets you extremely happy and that is fun and I get mad because I can’t what to read the next chapter


Hi my name is ———— This is so good for a scary story


I strongly recommend this app because you get to read amazing creative stories full of suspense and character‼️🙌🏾


Why do you make it so you have to wait 20 minutes when you read only 1-2 chapters when they last for like 4 minutes?


I love the app but don’t get me wrong paying to understand the story is dumb and the pictures and voices are super cheesy


This gives me chills up my spine this is a real story that I really enjoy 😆😆😘😘😁

I love it

So suspenseful and scary


This app took all my money in my account once it was gone I was sent an email saying there was a problem renewing my subscription now keep in mind I did not accept anywhere for them to take my money and I can’t even cancel I would give this 0 stars if I could


Cool app


OMG THIS IS THE BEST APP EVER it just need to be without wifi

Why tho

All chat story apps are like this it’s so stupid you have to wait 20 minutes or be a member and to watch FaceTimes or calls you have to be members


I love this app it is so fun

This is amazing

I really like it if you like it get hooked it is also really good


Interesting game. Don’t like not being able to answer the calls or see pictures without making a game purchase. Features in the game are disabled unless you pay for them.


I came to this app to read NOT to have to pay to look at pictures or video chat like you would probaly get more people if you didn’t charge people.I also don’t like The Wait 20min don’t you thing its a little to long.I mean this app is good but just NOT good enough.I give it 3 Stars

Good app

It didn't give me the option to give it 3 and a half but that's what I rate it. Its amazing quality but I just don't like how you're not able to see pictures and you have to wait that long. Id like the app to decrease the time to 10 minutes instead of 20, and let me see the photos. But otherwise, amazing app!

Cliff hanger

This app is so good for Halloween and when I’m bored I want to watch scary videos... but I go on this lovely app.


Even though there is a twenty min wait it’s a great app some you can skip some of the 20 minute waits with 4 second ads so you should definitely download it 👍 because in my opinion good app

What about guys that are into horror.

The app is a great idea but you always have to be a girl in the story. I’m not to comfortable txt no dude baby and I can’t relate to the only choices given cus im not a woman. I’d rather watch the story on YouTube then have to alway be a girl txt here boyfriend or something. I want the app again but a lot guys aren’t gonna feel that it’s uncomfortable if you’re heterosexual. I want to be a guy cus I am male so let me play out some stories as a male at least please. Thank you.

This is a really good app!

I’d recommend it to anybody! I love scary stories, but it doesn’t just have normal scary stories, it has ones like relationships, (not horror) thriller, and other amazing types. This app has the best scary stories— *cough* the actors should probably practice acting (or however it goes) *cough*— hands down.


I like how whenever it vibrates it kinda scares me, gives me goosebumps, and almost makes me wanna scream! Honestly I love the story called “Let Me In” it was so spooky I’m almost half way in it! And I’m alread gettin bad vibes!!!!!! But I came here to say... THIS APP IZ AMAZINGGGGGFG


Can u just not. I get that u want money but why ruin the experience of the game by blocking the pictures and calls. That’s so annoying.


I love cliff hanger I just hate how you have to be connected to WiFi to use it and I hate having to buy photos and stuff. And I hate waiting!!!😂😫

Pictures and videos?🤷🏼‍♀️

I think u guys should let us see the pictures and videos without having to pay!! people would like the app so much better, and want to keep playing it!!!!!???


Cliffhanger has the best stories and always gets me in the mood for anything. I will recommend Cliffhanger to anyone until I’m dead!

Run it’s a scam app

This is such a scam app. You offer e free trail then you can’t cancel the app and you charge a subscription. Then you can’t cancel it. I want it cancelled!!!!!! If I could give it a zero star I would.

My Idea On Cliffhanger

I love the game and the stories.The things that I’m not to sure I like is the fact that you have to have a membership and pay to look at the pics videos video calls etc.....Also the wait for the next chapter I just don’t really get it.Awesome idea of the game though!


OMG this app is amazballs and really creepy. One time I got kidnapped by a pocilcle person and he forced me to eat crunch bars.☹️it was horrible.

Wait is too long

You get to read for like 5 min and then you have to wait like 20 min

Good story

I love this story it’s so good and I want an other one

All they want is money

They try to put everything good about it in money


This app is great!! I love the stories and how they want you to keep reading! The only thing is that I wish I can see the pictures and answer the calls. But other than that this is a great app and would get it if I were you.!


I would play this more if you did not have to pay for more but if you could play it endless with just watching a 30 season ad for more time I would give it 4 stars but not almost 4 stars so just fix that and make that coins easier to get then it wold be a 5 stars. ps love you guys

It’s ok

I’m not saying the app is bad but if I want to do certain things I have to pay weekly monthly or yearly and I’m not doing that just to read some horror story and they shouldn’t have all scary stuff make somethings funny


This app is spooky, cool, and totally fun to use if you are in the mood for a good startling scare #5 STARS

Great stories

The storys give me goosebumps the only thing I don’t like about it is that when they show a video picture or video chat you have to pay.


It's so interesting and I really love it.

I don’t know why

It’s telling me to update but it won’t show the update button


something great to do to kill some time while you could be scrolling through your timeline but this is better especially if you have nobody to talk to at the moment it gets you interested as Hell it was cool I had to buy the subscription I’m proud of the ones who made this app they did a good job. Much love and I recommend this game / app to everybody 12 and up.

This app is the worst

My kid downloaded this and by the time I deleted it almost $20 was gone from my bank account this app charges like crazy and there’s no way to get a refund . Be careful .

Please Consider these changes

It’s a Really Fun And Nice Game.And I Love How Many Stories and How There Are Categories To Where If SomOne Doesn’t Like SuperNatural Type Of Story’s They Don’t Have To.I Also Like the Fact That We Get Choices In The Story.But There are a few things that really Make Me Not Want The App So Much Anymore •The First thing that I don’t like is that You have to be a a member to get More Time While You Read,And You Also Have to Pay And Be A Member to Do The FaceTimes And the Photos. •I Think That When We Make Choices They Should Change The Story Line.I Also Think That We Should Get More Choices Because To Me I Think It Would Be Pretty Cool To Change The story Line. •I Another Thing I Am Not Am Not A Huge Fan Of Is That You Have To Buy Coins And If You Want Free Coins You Have To be A Member To get them and have unlimited Reading •The Last problem I Don’t Like Is I That It is Basically Is Just Like Other Reading Games Examples Hooked,Lure And Etc.It Would Be Awesome If you made Your Own Unique unique Game. Other Than Those Things This App Is pretty Cool. This Was Made On 5/7/18 :) I Also Have One Question is there way that we can make our own stories? and if not can you maybe consider adding that to the game It would be really nice to be able to make our own creative story’s P.S (I’m sorry that I keep sending this it’s just some things I wanna add to it like right now) •What you Could Do isIs Where You Could Possible Add More Things Ti This App So Members Can Have More Things.And Those Who Aren’t Members Maybe Could Get Unlimited Reading And Also get to see face times messages But the Members Could like unlock it make there own story’s. (Sorry That I kinda wrote what I wrote early and talking about)

Still makes me pay for it but I don’t have it

I got this app and got the free trial for the pictures but then I deleted and it makes me pay so when I buy an iTunes card the money is gone


This app is awesome I live it it’s the best

Good but

The whole paying isn’t great I don’t mind the waiting time but having to pay to see pictures and get calls maybe take the money off the calls and pics please because I love this app so far !!!!!😃


I downloaded this app 3 days ago and it’s a pure addiction. I can’t stop reading..


I really like this app but there are some flaws such as you have too wait every twenty minutes to read more chats but over all it’s a great app


Very interesting stories in this app. Creepy with a background story and even unexpected plot changes. The only reason I make this 4/5 is because of the in app purchases and having to have these things just to show pictures and videos


Cliffhanger is scary but unique in its own ways you should do a little more funny text stories rather than scary stories and when you want to look at a photo you have to pay just to look at a photo and you have to pay to video chat with someone JUST TO VIDEO CHAT WITH SOMEONE the same thing when you want to look at a video like WHYYY Does that have to be included in the App when all you want to do is look at one little thing can you please change that part because when the app asks you to pay for something what kind of kid is going to ask their parents to pay for that WHO THE HECK IS Going to pay for that so can you change that part of the app

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