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Cliffhanger made me pay for no reason it never said I had to it just made me don’t get this app it’s not recommended

Money grabbers

Worst app ever I have not even gone 1 minute into the app and they’re already asking me for money geez at least let me get a sample of what I’m paying for so I don’t waste my money on garbage

Love it

I love cliffhanger because it leaves u on the edge of my seat of cliff

Omg love it

Ok So all these story’s are amazing


The stories are great a I just wish that I could see images and videos for free

Honest reviewer

The stories are kind of creative. And it kills the boredom. It is a good kind of time spender but they do charge money to see pictures or videos related to the stories I think it would be better if some of it was free however people are out to make money.


Very inspiring and engrossing


It’s saying my internet connection is bad and doesn’t work at all I really wanted to play this game I’ll try to fix it but otherwise it is junk to me 😭😭😭

More horror plz

I have only had this app for a few days and it is very good but I think that they should try and find more horror stories I promise you will love this app and the stories


Your stories are the best I’m pretty sad that I can’t see the pictures but I just really don’t want to pay but I love how much you guys created this and I am so happy to read every day one of the stories I thank you guys for making this app it’s really appreciated and really interesting so many stories or you could read from the awesome give you chances 20 minutes 14 minutes to read and not pay but I really much love this app thank you

Good job

Good job I love it so you can play it all the days

They Always Make You Pay

I refuse to pay for these stories In order to get the BEST experience yet it’s not even like you have a good one if you don’t pay . You can see any pictures or videos unless you pay . You can’t answer phone calls or see “FaceTimes” if you don’t pay . They say they will give you a free 7-Day trial but IF COURSE you need a credit card that has at least a dollar on it to do so. They charge a dollar “just to make sure there is money on it”, meaning you have to pay $.99 for the 7-Day trial . I read one story which was the “The Elevator Game” And it sucked because I wasn’t willing to pay the $.99 . So if you don’t mind doing so, that app is just decent. Other than that, I’ll stick to My 100% FREE games. Thank you anyway. Have A Great Weekend Everyone .... Else (Which Excludes The App “CliffHanger” & “CliffHanger Admins” 🖕🏼) Yours Truly, Elyssa Burr 💋

Would recommend

This app is perfect! I don’t have much money to buy subscriptions so I thought this would be another app that makes you pay to finish a story... turns out it’s not! The story I’m currently reading is very interesting and I can’t stop reading it! The only DOWNSIDE is that you have to wait 20 minutes in between chapters... but while you wait 20 minutes just READ another story! 10/10 would recommend


This app is amazing. There are so many variaties of stories that are scary!!! I love this app so much!!Thank you Cliffhanger!!!!!!!!


This is amazing when your bored you can read this especially at night when I read them with my family

The best

This is the best app I have had EVER!! If you love to read. This is the app for you


The only thing i hate is u have to pay to see the videos and photo

Stupid prices

The prices are ridiculous I’m gonna finish my story and delete the app even though it will take me another month to finish because of the 20 min wait time.


I love the stories, but I hate the 20:00 wait.

It’s good

Sooo I like it but the prob is that we have to wait and we can’t pick our own story’s but after that it’s pretty good


I do not like how they make you pay to see the images

This app❤️

I just hate that u have to buy the videos and pictures

Chapters Every Week! Take Long

Every Other Day A New Chapter Should Come Out!

My review

Cliffhanger is awesome. I would give it 5 of 5 but I kinda don’t like that they make you wait. but other than that I love it

Great App!!!!!!

It has good stories and no problems

Wow amazing

Me I’m hate reading and never liked it but this app lets me enjoy reading with a thriller twist. The only thing how ever that i didn’t like was that after every chapter you have to wait 20 minutes to start the next chapter. But over all it has in depth story’s leaving you itching to see what happens next.

Eh just be nice and shut up


Creative ideas

In one story there is a man who he thought that he lost his wife forever and when he saw pics of her in her house he thought she moved on but he had the wrong person..... I am excited to find out the rest of outside

Not Alone

Cool story,and quite creepy

Very fun

I like it a lot and it would be more fun if ther were more of those “ choose you’re story” things Like where I get to pick between 2 choices and send it.

Great app

Great app but you can’t read more then two stories before having to wait 20 minuets


Let me see the pictures also I meant to give you three stars


Take it off the App Store it’s terrible the stories are good but at least make it so your get the videos for free or 5 bucks for ever video for ever

Emily’S response

I feel like it is real in a good way like it is a good story


No chapters


I love this app but I don’t like that u have to pay for looking at photos I can’t even see photos

Great app but one problem

I love love love reading the story’s and everything but how do I write a story. This has been bothering me for a while so I thought I write about it. I don’t understand how other people write story’s but then i can’t. Please reply and tell me.

Love it!!

This app is amazing!! It has awesome story’s!!


It scares me it is SO FUN THX FOR MAKING IT ☺️

I gave it five stars because

I love this but it needs to not make us pay for vids or pic or even video chats

Great App, Gets Old Fast

The ads are really incredible, and the first couple stories I read left me riveted. But they are all pretty similar in style and plot, and it got boring pretty quickly.


Awesome app you should get it


But I wish that they would give me at least 75 coins to start with in the beginning... But everything except for that is GREAT.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻

Great yet disappointing

This app is great. The stories are amazing and suspenseful. But the only issue I have with it is the chapters to each story. There are about 3-5 chapters in each, maybe more or less, but for each chapter you are forced to wait 20 minutes to get to the next chapter, or pay 2.99 to skip these waits. Other than this, the app is great

Would be 5 stars

I would of gave this app 5 stars it is a great and unique idea for an app just one huge problem you can’t watch the videos,photos or answer calls without paying to be a member and that basically ruins the idea of the app. Now if they changed the membership system and just added ads after every story you complete they would be a much better “free” app and I would rate 5 stars. But really good idea just bad execution.

My review

It’s sum what scary and you should not have to pay to watch videos


I am mad at the story Bebe it only says Liz. I wait my 20 minutes and I press to see the next message and it says I have to wait another 20 minutes.

I like it but..

You have to have a membership to do things like face calls and video it just leaves out a bunch of stuff on the story so you don’t get much detail so I have to watch YouTube on what they said and stuff I know you need money but i don’t know it’s just not fun having to pay for a membership it’s just too much and 20 minutes is quite a wait I rate this 3 and 3 =😐

Money taker

This app took 200$ from my account for subscriptions that I didn’t even get. Do NOT get this app.


This app is so fun because you get to choose the storyline. Also, you still get a story out of texts, which is cool.

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