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Get us free coins !

Hi, I’m Ella and I would like for you to add free coins! This is so intense I want more! And I would love to hear the calls. Thank you for your time, bye,

Do not get the app

This thing is taking 3 dollars from me every week

It’s great but....

It’s a great game but I think you should not make us waste are money on all this stuff because when you don’t have membership you can’t read the story’s you want you make us choose for us like if I wanted a vampire story or something and I check it would not be on there. Also if you wanna see an image you have to pay as well as skipping the wait for a new chapter or free coins. Like I’m not hating but some people just can’t afford that stuff. Overall it is a great game and I do enjoy the story’s —Erin Watson. P.S. sorry grammar isn’t my thing.

Cool cheese

It is the best thing in the world but my mom is better moms and cliffhanger for life 👌👌


This is the best app ever it’s just u have to wait 20 min like every half chapter honestly that’s a little to long to wait but this is a very great app


I love it I’ve been sick for the past day and I love that you can have the chat pop up for you know what I’m saying and how you can choose what happens is perfect

I LOVE this!!!!

wow, just wow! these stories are so interesting! love it. i'm reading not alone right now and it gave me the chills! i also saw father figures and wow what a twist! anyways this is probably one of my favorite scary story apps! only thing that's a little eh is the 20 minute wait bc it cuts me off at the best part and i just watch the timer until it's up😂the other thing is me having to pay to see the photos🤔but other than that love it! i just downloaded it today bc of one of my fav yt person (4kidsgaming/theskorys). anyways thx for this amazing app!❤️

I’m loving reading you’r things I love it

Omg someone is in my huse omg he is going to kill me he have a knife😭😭😭😭😭😭 nooooooooo omg

Love it

It is scary and amazing my moooooooost favorite one is”not alone” it’s really cool!

Stop this

I hate how you have to pay for the pictures and phone calls. Just make is free

Great stories but...

It’s really lame that you have to pay real money to view photos and videos. There’s not even an option to watch ads to earn them. I use other apps that are similar to this one that don’t restrict you like this and I think they’re much more user friendly. Will raise my rating if different options for the in story photos and videos becomes available.

Hand in hand

I live the story's I just hate that you have to pay but the process are cheap these are really good


Hey,I’ve been using ur app for a long time and I have been enjoying the stories that give me the chills down my spine but one thing bothers me the most which is a 30:00 minute wait.When I want to continue the story I get rlly annoyed cuz I have to wait for half a hour to continue. P.S SonicAmbrose



Love this app

This app is so fun. I honestly say that this app is better than hooked just because the taps are way longer than hooked and the wait time is only 20 minutes unlike hooked you have to wait 40

It’s pretty cool fur somethings missing...

I L-O-V-E cliffhanger but I wish I could write my own storys because I have a wild imagination and I wanna share some stories PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add a place where you can make your own story’s thanks Cliffhanger fan - BlueWolf

Don’t buy the premium

It charged me without knowing

Awesome app

I love that u can pick and choose what direction the scenario will head to! I think that this app is better than yarn and hooked which are also storytelling apps. DOWNLOAD THIS GAME

Great game!

A few weeks ago, I underwent a ”chat story” stage. I found some chat story apps like Yarn and such, but they all included the need to put money into the game, which I do not like. But Cliffhanger didn't give you a twenty-minute wait every two taps; it gave you time to enjoy it and left you on a ”cliffhanger” afterward (I'm so sorry for that pun). But, if you were really deep into the story, you could always watch a quick thirty-second add and skip the wait, which Yarn rarely offered. I would like to see the return of the Comedy page, for Richard Mustaine was most definitely my favorite Cliffhanger author. His stories were always a mix of humor and suspense, like a minor Rick Riordan or Jennifer Neilsen. I later deleted the game since my storage was getting full, but, a few days ago, I thought about downloading the app again. So I did and saw that, sadly, my favorite category had been taken down. Of course, the stories on the Comedy page are still offered, they just aren't mentioned as being humorous. I can't usually take the horror ones (it’s not that they scare me, I just find them intense and unnerving) so I often turned to that page for a good laugh. Other than that, I have no complaints for the app. I think that it is the very best chat story app put there today and I'm very pleased with it. So, whether you're looking for a good scare or simply something to do, I vouch for Cliffhanger.


I never downloaded this but some how I keep getting charged 3$ to my account

Automatic subscription warning!

Beware! App automatically renews your subscription. $2.99 per week! It is not clear at all this is happening! Now fighting with Apple to get this removed! Haven’t logged in in months and found out still being charged! Unbeleavable!

What I think

You have to pay to see pictures or videos like that is the bad part other then that it’s good

The best app

This app is amazing it keeps me from being bored it’s the best I love the stories ,I just wish everyone could be recommended in answering the calls and this pictures but overall this app it’s the best. 🤣

Don’t Subscribe it doesn’t work waste of money

I subscribed thinking it would be perfect that I could look at pictures and such. Turns out the subscription didn’t work and it still charged me. Very disappointed many other better apps than this don’t subscribe it might not work. Waste of money!


This is a great app and I love how you can interact but the one thing is , when you click notify me it scared me so much when I got a notification that looked like a text and said I see you from a random person and I was thinking maybe someone one would see it and it scared me I love the app but I really think you should change how it notifys you it really was scary when my 6 year d cousin was playing on my phone looked at me when I heard a ding with a face of terror and said from bill I’m gonna find you who was that and is he gonna hurt you

Nice story’s

I love your story’s they are the best for me


They consistently charge me an I want to unsubscribe but they won’t let you now I get charged every two weeks for an app I don’t even have


The horror stories are so like,INTENSE!Then scary at the same time too!This app is amazing since I get read stories and it’s very interesting!I JUST CANT STOP PUTING EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!!!!THIS IS THE BEST BOOK APP!!!!!!!

One thing

I really like this game but there is a lot of inappropriate and swearing stuff so could you calm the swearing game please??

This is amazing

All the stories are so amazing thought out. And the name cliffhanger really fits in when u have to wait a while for the next chapter u like the app yarn or hooked well forget about them all these stories are better I would defiantly recommend this app to friends and family in fact I already

Good app ish

The app is good, but the way you make it cost money to see the videos and pics makes it an app that people might delete for that reason.

Not even worth it

We can’t even see picture until we buy the stuff😾

Amazing/ creepy

This the best app if you want to get creeped out the stories are very creative and scary


Ok I realy hate how you have to pay for almost everything like vidoes and you also have to the pictures and I really hate that so Mabye you could do something about that ..... Thank you

It’s great but too many paywalls

This is a amazing app for story’s and I love how it’s interactive too, but there are way too many paywalls, it’s kinda like a EA game. Too many paywalls making the game unplayable, unless of course you wait, but it’s just terrible to have to wait 20 minutes to know the end of a story compared to someone who pays. That’s why I’m giving this only 3 stars.


Your story are great you should make more

How do I stop member ship???? 👿👿👿

I hate this so much. I try the trial and then I can’t figure out how to stop it. I tried every thing and went to settings and tried to read about it. Can u explain how to erase my account and substriiption please. Please respond telling me how to do it. Thank u.

The timing

This is a really good game but I don’t like hw the chapters are so short and you have to wait 20 minutes just to read one other chapter I know you can skip the wait but why am I spending my money on something like this my suggestion is that you can shorten the time to only like five or ten minutes or you chan just do the 20 minutes every three chapters

Logo is Awesome

I haven’t loaded up the app yet but please tell whoever made the logo that they are amazing, I really love the sleekness and feel of the logo, it’s simple but so dope.

Why must you pay for everything

Why can’t any app be free without a waiting period it ruins the app and the story I get they have to make money but it ruins the app.

Love it

It keeps me intertande for a long time


I love the stories

Good but not so...

I don’t like that everything costs money it’s just so exiting to see it the pictures and the videos

So good

I love it


I just want more and more 👌


it’s ok but i wish i could see pica and videos without paying

Took money

I had a 7 free day trial and it’s olny been 4 days and they took money but otherwise the app is “ok”

Amazing and scary game!

This game was so good!! Every time I read a scary story my body would be covered in goosebumps. I loved it. You need to get it!! 👍👍


You have to pay to see the stuff


This game is realllllllyyyyy gooooooood!!!👻👻

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