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Stop putting in 20 minute breaks

The story’s are great but stop Putting in breaks it gets so annoying after a while


This is so scary I even scared my big bro and my dad and they said weren't scared they had nightmares


Your app is so amazing keep up the good work😍


I love this app keep making good stories

Good story’s but how do I write one.

These stories are very good but I would like to write a story to how do I do it!?

Love IT

I swear this game is so good I just hate when you have to wait 20 minutes for the next part, but tbh that’s probably why it is called cliffhanger 😂 I just hope you could not pay to just not wait for 20 minutes. Either way I love this game and I recommend it for you guys!!


You have to pay for everything, litteraly everything!


Wanna know how to do this for free? Go on YouTube and look up scary stories!!! These things are such scams... Not to mention on YouTube you don’t need to but visualls

Thanks for my new favorite app!!;3

Now besides the fact that you have it paid after awhile. I personally think you made this a cool app I love that the reader can I be apart of the story! Just do me one thing.........(don’t tell hooked the I was here.)

I love it but I hate that you need to wait

I love it but I hate when you have To wait 20 min to watch more

Hate it

You have to 20 minutes to finish the story and the stories are dumb don't get this app it a waste of space

Great app to spare time!

Great app so interesting!

I love it

You have to download this app is so interesting and scary you have to get this app you will love e😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

Gotta love this app

I love is app so mush and it is the most fun scary funny thing ever and I think you are trying to get us to ask omg what is next and it is sit I thin that the waiting times are too long I think they should be like 5 min sit this app is the best


I don't usually write reviews and I just downloaded this app,But this is amazing,the only thing is can you make the free at least a week?With school And stuff it hard to use it also can you be able to see the pictures without having to pay?thanks!

Money hogs

Why should I have to pay to see a picture? Why does it take 20 minutes just to read a story that isn't even all that good? I get that you're trying to make money, but trying to scam your users isn't going to make anything better. I'm uninstalling. To anyone reading this, I hope you don't fall into the trap that the creators are trying to put you in. This isn't worth your money, or your time. Goodbye


You should add a search feature

I like it pls read review

Hey I like this style but can your remove the cool down it is annoying


Absolutely amazing


Creepy cool awesome well it’s all I wanted to say bye

Awesome but annoying

This app is great!! The only thing that bothers me is that after like 3 minutes it won't let you keep reading. You have to wait 20 minutes (less than some other apps) or pay. I get it, since the app is free but at least let us finish the story. Pleeeaaaase😅


Omg these stories are amazing wow! Love this app soo much ❤️


I don't like this cause you have to either pay lot see images and that's not cool developers, and it gives you a 20:00 wait almost every story and some of these stories aren't even good personally I would give this a 10- rating. And whenever I load up the app I have to play the same story almost over and over again I really hate this app 😡😤🤢


I love this app there is nothing better ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Horrible and greedy developers.

First off, this very bad. You have to wait 20:00 minutes just to finish a story. And in the stories when they send pictures, you have to pay money just to see them. I think these developers are very greedy and don't even put in the time and effort into making something like this. They just say "Nope, you have to pay to skip those 20:00 so you can finish your story, AND you have to pay to view images." I think this is very pointless. I'm not gonna waste money on something that isn't even worth it. This review will stay at 1 star until this changes. If it does not, this bad rating will stay. Thank you. - An annoyed user.

Ok, I'm confused....

On the story, 'Homecoming', no matter what choices I make, Becca either ends up killed, or framed for murder.😞


These stories are scary but what's the point of reading them if it stops every five seconds😤🙄😒

No fast pass

It’s good but if you don’t pay then choices are limited and you have to wait like with hooked or yarn but you affect the story which is completely different


This. App. Is. Crap. Terrible. They won’t stop pestering you about buying until you actually buy it. How desperate are they for money? Awful. I wouldn’t recommend getting this app. Waste of space and time.

Great, but needs some changes...

Overall a great story app and I like how you can make the choices yourself, but you need to implement a free coin system, such as 3 coins for watching an ad or something. Im not willing too spend the money for coins or a subscription so half the time it’s useless to make the other choices.

I love it

It's probably one of the best apps I've tried out of this kind. It's got the same lay out, but stories with better hooks. However, I only wish I could see the images and other choices without getting tied into a membership.


They got some really scary stories

Great twist

These text always have a great twist at the end


I don’t like that I have to pay money so I can see pictures

Scary AF

Scariest text app ever

Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love it!!!!!!!!!!

Good app

It's a great, fun app but I wish it didn't have the timer for how much you can read at a time.


Some of the stories are interesting but a lot of them are just “No don’t do that” and then the other person proceeds to do “that”



My reason

I wish that you get to look at the first picture free you should not have to pay it


The game is great. It has engaging stories that really captivate. The only thing that I think is wrong, is that the lifelines come up really often in the middle of a book. I also think that the wait times should be shorter because who wants to wait 20 minutes just to finish a story? Other than that, the app is great.

evathediva2247’s Review

I love Cliffhanger! It’s so convenient! When you just need that little nip of creepiness in your day an you’re too lazy to turn on a horror movie or grab a Stephen King novel. I would recommend this to everyone who loves to get just a little freaked out!👻💀👹😈🤡

I don’t write reviews often...

...but this app is legit! It’s much better priced than the other “texting story” apps & the stories are quite enjoyable! Some of them can be a little boring - but most of them are thrilling & suspenseful! I’ve gotten the chills a few times! If you’re into short stories, this app is great!


So awesome

good and bad

Amazing stories but I hate games that do this you get a good game but you have to pay for certain things and you can’t even see the pictures without having to buy coins or buy a mounth or year of no cliffhangers and 15 coins a day and it’s annoying please fix it

Cliff Hanger

Cliff Hanger is a really, really cool game!! I LOVE IT!! I love how it gives me the creeps!!! I am speechless... that is how good the game is!!! Awesome game!!! Keep up the good work!!!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😃😃😃😃


This is sooooo good OMG


It is a great app

Good app

I love this app. There are so many great stories. My only problem now is that I’ve been paying for this app and I haven’t seen any new stories in about 3 weeks. It says “new stories uploaded weekly”. Where are my new stories?!

Rating for cliffhanger

I gave cliffhanger 4 stars because you have to pay a subscription just to look at images, i mean shouldn't the images be free!? Also I don't like how we have to wait 20 Minutes just to read a story.

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